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ANKST was formed in the second half of 2006 by original members Raymond Ross (vocals), Aiden Botha (guitar) and Dylan Van Collar (keyboards), to be joined later by bassist Noel Hall.

After writing material that was soon to become the “We Become Gods” EP, ANKST took to touring South Africa extensively. The band gained popularity amongst the goth, alternative and metal scenes throughout 2007, which opened the door to sharing the stage with such acts as the longstanding South African industrial act Battery 9, Winter Soul and German synthpop outfit Psyche (2).

The lineup changed in the first half of 2008 when Dylan Van Collar and Noel Hall left the band and were replaced by classically trained pianist Dave Van Tonder on keyboards and punk/alternative ex-Clone guitarist Malcolm Silver on bass guitar.

Mid-2008 saw the release of the very first full length, 10 track CD entitled “Monument” and also produced their first music video for “The Wicked”.

At the end of 2009 guitarist Aiden Botha parted with ANKST. He was replaced by Johan Prinsloo in 2010.

February 2011 saw the release of the “Monument” remix album “Document” which included remixes by artists and producers such as Kitty Lectro, Attrition, Psyche, Midnight Configuration, Pretentious, Moi?, Rhombus and many more.

Later that year the second full length album was released. “Dystopia” was primarily recorded at Prisloo’s studio by Ross, Van Tonder, Silver and Prinsloo and featured guest vocals on one track by Trevor Bamford (Midnight Configuration)

Ross released a solo ANKST EP “Epitaph” at the beginning of 2012 which signified a decline in the internal dynamic within the band. Epitaph saw Ross in the role of vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist, bassist, producer and cover design. The EP was created from inception to release in six weeks, followed by a remix EP “Epitaph” including such artists as Kitty Lectro, Cruel Britannia and Winter Soul.

In April 2012, founder Raymond Ross emigrated to New Zealand. ANKST, now without members Silver, Van Tonder and Prinsloo was placed on hiatus. Ross continued production work for bands Strap On Halo, Ending The Vicious Cycle and Disjecta Membra, as well as creating Futurepop side project Sine Division with co-producer Kitty Lectro.

2013 sees the return of ANKST. New lineup still to be announced…



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