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Written by on November 19, 2020

Bile of Man

 Brutal Death Metal / ADK / 195 views / Popular

Brutal Death Metal from Pretoria. Considered to be one of the heaviest bands currently in South Africa, Bile of Man gained a lot of respect from fans and other bands as a result of their unrelenting brutality and intensity.

In the early years of the second millenium Bile of Man started pushing boundaries with founding member and drummer Riaan Els (Ex Shadowlord, Funeral God), who employed Jacques Valentyn (Ex Mjolnir) as guitarist and co-songwriter. Shortly after, the spot of second guitar was filled by Bennie Burger. Undergoing several member shifts and changes, mid 2007 saw the first official line-up of the band consisting of vocalist Martin Bettac, Riaan Els on drums, Bennie Burger on guitar, Gustaf Erasmus on guitar and Choroz Bileous on bass.

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Pretoria,South Africa,Africa

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