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Written by on December 9, 2020

Decimation Age

 Metalcore / ADK / 245 views / Popular

Decimation Age (formally The Scare) were a band from Cape Town, South Africa. They played a destructive form of Metalcore compromising of various high pitched screams, low toned growls, melodic clean vocals, technical guitar riffs, rumbling bass lines and precise captivating drumming. During their existence the band managed to be very active within a small (although growing) underground scene.

From their inception around 2004, the band managed to collect a handful of achievements. This included 3 awards at Bandslam 2005, an opening slot for Trustkill Records act Most Precious Blood in 2006, participation in a number of local festivals such as Noise Fest 2006, Witchfest 2006, Knife Fight Festival 2006 and Horrorfest 2006.

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Cape Town,South Africa,Africa

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