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Written by on November 20, 2020

Nicatas Drumer

 Black Metal / ADK / 52 views / Popular

Black Metal from the East London, Eastern Cape. “Nicatas Drumer” started out in 97′. We’ve been involved in other bands, more than the fingers on both your hands. Previous to the new line up now , Nicatas Drumer used to consist only of two “members”, Longinus and Morg. We had a very narrow concept about how things should be done, for instance, we decided there would only, for eternity, be two members, cause of past difficulties. But…things change, and it’s working a whole lot better with four “members”. So far we have unleashed 3 demons, the first was “Stygian”, in 2001. Now, the name “Nicatas Drumer” only came into infection at the end of 2001. We always refer to 1997, cause it’s still the same band, and same two original members alongside the new line-up. Our second demo was entitled “Impure Grandeur”, which originally consisted of 6 songs. But, just to save time & cut costs, we decided to add to add our first demo onto “Impure Grandeur”, making it a total of 8 songs. The third MCD, self released, once a fucking gain!, was recorded this year, 2003, was entitled “Third Offering”.

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East London,South Africa,Africa

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