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Written by on December 8, 2020

Rest for the Wicked

 Death/Groove Metal / ADK / 77 views / Popular

Rest for the Wicked was formed in beginning of 2012 and went through a couple of member and name changes to becoming Rest for the Wicked. The band was formed in 2010 with Walter van Zyl, Gideon Jones, and Hein Pieterse and was known as Posses Thou the Furnance. In the late 2011 it was only Gideon and Hein that kept the band going, then Jacques Okes joined on rhythm guitar and Jason van Niekerk on drums. Later in the year Jacques left the band because of study time. Then Armand Strydom stepped in as new guitarist, and then Marius Visagie joined on vocals. Marius and Gideon is two of the original members of Metal band Adorned in Ash. Then when the band found it’s feet the name Posses Thou the Furnance was scrapped and Rest for the Wicked was born. In early February 2015 Armand took over vocals.

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Pretoria,South Africa,Africa

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