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Written by on November 19, 2020


 Symphonic Black Metal / ADK / 58 views / Popular

Established in late 2006, Sathern finally took form after 3 years of relentless auditioning and various line-up changes that saw the band grow from a one-man project to a fully fledged band, incorporating the energy of fast drums, dual guitars and aggressive bass with the atmosphere of keyboards and a furious vocal attack.The eagerly awaited task of song writing fell to the band in early 2008, as riffs, melodies, harmonies, and song structures were worked upon, discarded, and recreated within the bands strict level of song writing.With a few bumps in the road, Sathern finally emerged in its strongest form yet in 2009, and with gigs finally lined up, the South African music scene is about to experience first-hand the fusion of Power, Black, and Melodic Death metal in its most experimental and daring form yet.

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Pretoria,South Africa,Africa

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