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African Metal

Post Laundry Melodic Pants Core

 Heavy Melodic Metal /  Johannesburg / 174 views / Popular

Melodic Hardcore band from Johannesburg.

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 109 views / Popular

8 Eyes in A Box is a metal band formed by Mazen Waleed and Ismail Morsy. 8 Eyes aims to come up with different sounds...

 Heavy Metal /  Egypt / 105 views / Popular

Industrial Metal/Hardcore from Johannesburg.

 Industrial Metal /  Johannesburg / 112 views / Popular

Metalcore/Thrash Metal from Gauteng.

 Metalcore /  Gauteng / 127 views / Popular

Four piece extreme metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Influences range from cosmic horror to gore.

 Death Metal /  Johannesburg / 132 views / Popular

A Walk With the Wicked is a death metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Started in late 2007, and bursting on to the scene...

 Death Metal /  Cape Town / 189 views / Popular

Blackened Thrash Metal from Somerset West, Cape Town since 2013.

 Black/Thrash Metal /  Somerset West / 180 views / Popular

 Death Metal /  Johannesburg / 152 views / Popular

Abhorrent Anomaly is a melodic technical death metal studio band from Johannesburg. They are influenced by bands such as The Faceless, Necrophagist, Beneath The Massacre,...

 Technical Death Metal /  Gauteng / 188 views / Popular

Brutal/Technical Death Metal from Pretoria.

 Brutal Death Metal /  Pretoria / 102 views / Popular

Abnabak is a black metal band from Agadir, Morocco formed in 2009 , influenced by the dark abyss of philosophy pessimistic and the different faces...

 Black Metal /  Morocco / 111 views / Popular

Formed in 1994 by Gerrit and Martin. Later Manual joined the band on drums and after a short while with a friend on bass and...

 Death Metal /  Gauteng / 164 views / Popular

ABSENCE OF LIGHT is an Extreme Metal Act from Kenya, Consisting of a trio with Indian Ancestry, Playing a mix of Death/Black Metal.

 Black/Death Metal /  Kenya / 105 views / Popular

Acid Magus is an experimental rock outfit from Pretoria, South Africa. Doom, stoner, punk, psych and classic rock themes.

 Stoner Metal /  Pretoria / 289 views / Popular

Founded in 2009, Adorned in Ash (AiA) is much more than just a female fronted metal band from Pretoria, South Africa. They are an exhilarating...

 Heavy Metal /  Gauteng / 193 views / Popular

Technical Blackened Death Metal from Reunion Island.

 Technical Death Metal /  Réunion / 80 views / Popular

Death Metal/Grindcore from Durban.

 Death Metal /  Durban / 117 views / Popular

Doom/Folk Metal. AFRICAN DOOMHAMMER is a metal band from Africa. Melding the musicians' own heritage and roots in local music with heavy metal, the band...

 Doom Metal /  Namibia / 111 views / Popular

Metal band ascending from the murky depths, slowly building like a volcano waiting to erupt.

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 168 views / Popular

Against Eternity was founded in mid/late 2011 by guitarist/songwriter Tyrone Huskisson (Hargraven/Ex Norse-Code) as a side project with no specific musical goals, except to write...

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 117 views / Popular

Melodic, heavy, and eerie. Those are the words used to best describe Johannesburg based psych rock three-piece, Age Of Indica. Pounding drum beats amplified by...

 Stoner Metal /  Johannesburg / 167 views / Popular

From carrying the heavy metal flag in the early 90’s, a time when nobody in the industry wanted anything to do with metal, through to...

 Power/Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 224 views / Popular

One Man Progressive Metal band from Cairo, Egypt.

 Progressive Metal /  Egypt / 112 views / Popular

We are Aimed at You from Johannesburg, South Africa, a six piece hard rock/metal band that prefers life as one great big party. We're a...

 Hard rock /  South Africa / 172 views / Popular

Alternative Metal. A band dedicated to simple, heavy music. No hang ups, no bullshit ego's! We just looking to have a good time playing music...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 117 views / Popular

Ajris is a berbere music band of Ambient - berbere/ Black Metal ,The Term ''Ajris'' is in Chaoui Dialect (a dialect in the Berber otoctone...

 Atmospheric Black /  Khenchela / 136 views / Popular

Black Metal/Dungeon Synth/Progressive Metal. AKERIUS is my Dark Medieval Dungeon Synth project. AKER is my metal side-project ! Inspiration comes from Reunion landscapes and nostalgic...

 Atmospheric Black /  Réunion / 77 views / Popular

H.P. Lovecraft inspired Melodic Death Metal from Cairo, Egypt

 Melodic Death Metal /  Egypt / 99 views / Popular

Post-Rock/Metal/Psych/Folk. Albinobeach is a three-piece instrumental band based in Johannesurg, South Africa.

 Post-Metal /  Johannesburg / 128 views / Popular

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