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Atmospheric Black

Atmospheric Black

Ajris is a berbere music band of Ambient - berbere/ Black Metal ,The Term ''Ajris'' is in Chaoui Dialect (a dialect in the Berber otoctone...

 Atmospheric Black /  Khenchela / 143 views / Popular

Black Metal/Dungeon Synth/Progressive Metal. AKERIUS is my Dark Medieval Dungeon Synth project. AKER is my metal side-project ! Inspiration comes from Reunion landscapes and nostalgic...

 Atmospheric Black /  RĂ©union / 80 views / Popular

Constellatia is the collaborative vision of Gideon Lamprecht and Keenan Oakes, founders of Crow Black Sky and Wildernessking respectively.

 Atmospheric Black /  Cape Town / 75 views / Popular

Crow Black Sky is a cosmic black metal band from Cape Town South Africa. The band was founded in April, 2009. The first album, Pantheion,...

 Atmospheric Black /  Cape Town / 50 views / Popular

Die Dood is a one man musical project from South Africa. The band does the following genres: Ambient / Dark Ambient / Atmospheric / Neofolk...

 Atmospheric Black /  South Africa / 58 views / Popular

Atmospheric/Experimental/Ambient Black metal from Cape Town

 Atmospheric Black /  Cape Town / 76 views / Popular

Nature-inspired solo epic rock/metal project from Kenya.

 Atmospheric Black /  Kenya / 79 views / Popular

One Man Depressive Black Metal band from Cairo,Egypt. Started in the mid of 2011. Lord Mist - All Instruments,Vocals,Programming Mixing and Mastering. The lyrics themes...

 Atmospheric Black /  Egypt / 71 views / Popular

Black Metal/Dark Ambient band from Egypt.

 Atmospheric Black /  Egypt / 5 views / Popular

Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal from Egypt/Italy. Formed by "Lord Mist" A.K.A "VOID" from (FROSTAGRATH / HECATE) in November 2013 as a solo project, then in 2014...

 Atmospheric Black /  Egypt / 73 views / Popular

East African Atmospheric Black Metal band. Featuring members of Vale of Amonition (Uganda) and Nelecc/Euphoric Decay (Kenya).

 Atmospheric Black /  Uganda / 91 views / Popular

Myrryr is a Atmospheric Black Metal band with Cascadian Black Metal and some Symphonic influences.

 Atmospheric Black /  Johannesburg / 101 views / Popular

Kenyan Atmospheric Black Metal/Epic Music. Nature, and real life experiences blended in with fantastical themes.

 Atmospheric Black /  Kenya / 76 views / Popular

Atmospheric/Ambient Black Metal From Cape Town

 Atmospheric Black /  Cape Town / 64 views / Popular

Nishaiar is a four piece Atmospheric Black/Post-Metal band formed in the chaos of Zenadadz, terrestrial year 2016.

 Atmospheric Black /  Ethiopia / 103 views / Popular

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