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Death/Groove Metal

Death/Groove Metall

Chaos Doctrine is a metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa. The band creates a unique sound by blending classic thrash and death with newer waves...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Johannesburg / 175 views / Popular

Groove/Death/Thrash metal from Durban.

 Death/Groove Metal /  Durban / 56 views / Popular

 Death/Groove Metal /  Bloemfontein / 61 views / Popular

Erasing Mankind is a 4 pieces Egyptian Metal band from Cairo, formed in 2019. The band consists, of vocalist Sayed Ragai, guitarists Bahaa El-Dahaby, drummer...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Egypt / 90 views / Popular

Death/Groove Metal from Pretoria.

 Death/Groove Metal /  Pretoria / 43 views / Popular

Thrashy Melodic Death Groove. Forsaking Fate hail from East London (South Africa) and was co-founded by Grant Hensburg and Rory Townes. We're a passionate live...

 Death/Groove Metal /  East London / 71 views / Popular

Kadawer Dialoog is a four-man metal ensemble from Johannesburg, South Africa. Kadawer Dialoog writes and composes all original songs all in Afrikaans which puts them...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Johannesburg / 80 views / Popular

Death/Groove/Djent/Progressive Metal. Megalodon was spawned by the creative minds of Ruan Jordaan and Nuri Grobbelaar. After discussing the project for a few years it has...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Cape Town / 80 views / Popular

Death/Groove/Thrash Metal.

 Death/Groove Metal /  Gauteng / 72 views / Popular

We are an aggressive and vehement blend of punchy riffing and heavy melodic overtones. Belligerent vocals, intricate bass lines and a combative drumming style all...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Pretoria / 66 views / Popular

Death/Groove Metal/Deathcore band from Alexandria , Egypt.

 Death/Groove Metal /  Egypt / 71 views / Popular

Nerve Zero is a South African Metal band that started in 2013. Various styles of Metal are blended into a melting pot of aggression and...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Johannesburg / 69 views / Popular

Priest Killer is a death metal band from South Africa, that vehemently opposes all religions and openly express it through their music. The band does...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Bloemfontein / 54 views / Popular

Rest for the Wicked was formed in beginning of 2012 and went through a couple of member and name changes to becoming Rest for the...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Pretoria / 74 views / Popular

We are Silent Degradation, a metal project based all over South Africa. Vocals: @wihansmit Lead/Rhythm Guitars: @conradie_nel Rhythm/Bass Guitars: @jak_low.

 Death/Groove Metal /  South Africa / 72 views / Popular

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