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If it's heavy and sounds good to our ears, we like it and we write it. No need for categorisation here. We're not particularly loyal...

 Deathcore /  Durban

Human Nebula


A progressive deathcore band from Pretoria, South Africa. A geometrical blend of earth shattering chugs, interplanetary melodies & metamorphosing screams.

 Deathcore /  Pretoria

Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore from Johannesburg.

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg

We are a Melodic Deathcore band from Cape Town. a New style of metal made with a sound that will creep under your skin and...

 Deathcore /  Cape Town

Treehouse Burning is a five piece band from Cape Town, South Africa. The group have established themselves as a strong presence in South Africa in...

 Deathcore /  Cape Town

Deathcore metal band from Durban, South Africa.

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