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If it's heavy and sounds good to our ears, we like it and we write it. No need for categorisation here. We're not particularly loyal...

 Deathcore /  Durban / 74 views / Popular

Metalcore/Deathcore from Durban,

 Deathcore /  Durban / 71 views / Popular

The solo project of Reinhardt Mynhardt (Deathspringer, The Basic Human Principle. Ex-Feed the Beneath) incorporating the talents of many others artists in the SA metal...

 Deathcore /  Pretoria / 107 views / Popular

Creating The Godform is a Brutal Downtempo Deathcore band from South Africa. The band consists of Shane Botha (Vocals), Sherlic White (Guitar), Conrad Lottering (Guitar),...

 Deathcore /  Cape Town / 64 views / Popular

Down-Tempo Deathcore band from Port Elizabeth.

 Deathcore /  Port Elizabeth / 60 views / Popular

Slamming Deathcore straight out of South Africa! Born from the mind of Lwandile Prusent, guitarist of Vulvodynia, Xavleg and Technopath.

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg / 71 views / Popular

We are a four piece Slam/Deathcore Band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Enemy Defleshed was formed in order to bring the hatred and violence that we...

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg / 128 views / Popular

Formed in 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Forgive Us Not sees itself as a band that delivers the best metal we can make. During...

 Deathcore /  Cape Town / 54 views / Popular

A progressive deathcore band from Pretoria, South Africa. A geometrical blend of earth shattering chugs, interplanetary melodies & metamorphosing screams.

 Deathcore /  Pretoria / 52 views / Popular

An 8 string metal band hailing out of the heart of Hate City (Johannesburg).

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg / 59 views / Popular

5 Piece Death-Core/Metal-Core band from Johannesburg.

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg / 58 views / Popular

Instrumental/Experimental Metal/Deathcore from Egypt.

 Deathcore /  Egypt / 3 views

Deathcore/Metalcore from Nairobi Kenya.

 Deathcore /  Kenya / 60 views / Popular

Kato Hafez is a Multi-Instrumentalist and a songwriter from Alexandria Egypt.

 Deathcore /  Egypt / 3 views

khõja is a 5 piece Blackened Deathcore band from Cape Town, South Africa. Focusing on elements of hatred and sheer power.

 Deathcore /  Cape Town / 70 views / Popular

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