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Folk Metal

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Folk Metal

BARZAKH was born on February 7th, 2006. The beginning of a long journey. Since then, western notes carved on oriental rhythms, distorted sounds purified by...

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 125 views / Popular

Celtic Metal from Centurion, Gauteng. With strong catchy melody lines and fast paced, technical rhythms, the pipes are the driving force behind the band’s unique...

 Folk Metal /  Gauteng / 182 views / Popular

Oriental Metal/Rock from Tunisia.

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 179 views / Popular

JOnjOrOmbOnA is a band who try to make Malagasy metal music .

 Folk Metal /  Madagascar / 155 views / Popular

Nawather is a Tunisian Oriental Metal band founded in 2013. They provide us a special kind of music. Apart from their influence by many well-known...

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 245 views / Popular

Power/Folk/Pagan Metal from Cape Town.

 Folk Metal /  Cape Town / 175 views / Popular

Riverwood is a 5-piece Egyptian Progressive Metal band from Alexandria, Egypt. The band formed in 2018 from a collection of musicians who met during a...

 Folk Metal /  Egypt / 196 views / Popular

Sand Aura is a band established on the concept "WE ARE ALL HUMAN", and the belief of the unification of all cultures, religions and historical...

 Folk Metal /  Egypt / 153 views / Popular

Tafaqum is an oriental metal band from Cairo, Egypt. Better known for the Egyptian Arabic lyrics combined with Metal music. The band was formed in...

 Folk Metal /  Egypt / 213 views / Popular

Folk/Pagan Metal band from Tunisia.

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 211 views / Popular