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Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Adorned in Ash


Founded in 2009, Adorned in Ash (AiA) is much more than just a female fronted metal band from Pretoria, South Africa. They are an exhilarating...

 Heavy Metal /  Gauteng / 64 views

Metal band ascending from the murky depths, slowly building like a volcano waiting to erupt.

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 52 views



From carrying the heavy metal flag in the early 90’s, a time when nobody in the industry wanted anything to do with metal, through to...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 82 views

Hailing from the bowels of Durban, South Africa. Two Metalheads were sent through time and space to create Brutal Death Metal music about Aliens wiping...

 Heavy Metal /  Durban / 45 views

All Guns Full Ammo


Armed with brutal riffs, sultry melodies and balls the size of coconuts, All Guns Full Ammo are here to explode your ear holes and steal...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 40 views

Arcana XXII


Traditional Heavy Metal from Namibia. Namibia's first ever heavy metal band to make an impact in the international market.

 Heavy Metal /  Namibia / 8 views



The band’s originality stems from their music, “Asrafo-core” which is a fusion of hard rock/metal and African mystic and warrior music. Since 2010, ARKA’N ASRAFOKOR...

 Heavy Metal /  Togo / 6 views



The solo project of Reinhardt Mynhardt (Deathspringer, The Basic Human Principle. Ex-Feed the Beneath) incorporating the talents of many others artists in the SA metal...

 Heavy Metal /  South Africa / 25 views

Doomed Since Birth


Melodic Death-core Metal band residing within the depths of South Africa.

 Heavy Metal /  Gauteng / 22 views

Maddox Theory


A heavy/thrash metal band from Cairo, Egypt, established 2016.

 Heavy Metal /  Egypt / 5 views

An African tribal heavy metal band based in Botswana incorporating traditional rhythms with heavy metal riffs.

 Heavy Metal /  Botswana / 4 views

Nebula Disrupt


Nebula Disrupt is a 5 member extreme death/black metal band from the Western-Cape. The band was formed over a period of 2 years, finding the...

 Heavy Metal /  South Africa / 24 views



Skinflint is a three piece Heavy Metal band from Gaborone, Botswana founded by Guitarist & Vocalist Giuseppe Sbrana in 2006. Recruiting Kebonye Nkoloso on Bass...

 Heavy Metal /  Botswana / 5 views

3 piece Rock/Metal band from the hills of Nairobi. Est. 2017.

 Heavy Metal /  Kenya / 3 views

Traditional Metal from Windhoek, Namibia. Forged in fire under the African sun, our metal is strong like lion!

 Heavy Metal /  Namibia / 4 views