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Melodic Hardcore band from Johannesburg.

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 293 views / Popular

Behest is a 4 piece blackened hardcore/grindcore band formed in late 2016, from Cape Town, South Africa. Drawing from a range of heavy music influences...

 Hardcore /  Cape Town / 188 views / Popular

Cape Town crossover/hardcore band. When the ket's away the rets will play.

 Hardcore /  Cape Town / 202 views / Popular

Bottom Feeder is a four-piece powerviolence band from Cape Town, South Africa.

 Hardcore /  Cape Town / 178 views / Popular

Hardcore Punk from Johannesburg, South Africa.

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 180 views / Popular

Hardcore band from Johannesburg.

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 148 views / Popular

Cannon To A Whisper was a 4 piece post-hardcore band based in Pretoria, South Africa. The band was started in late 2003, by Paul Van...

 Hardcore /  Pretoria / 256 views / Popular

City of Gates were a Durban based hardcore band, who formed in February 2008 and enjoyed a very short, yet fun spell in the hey-day...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 242 views / Popular

Class Suicide was a band that brought the heavy metal and punk rock sounds of Nairobi together for 2 brief chaotic years. A politically driven...

 Hardcore /  Kenya / 178 views / Popular

With their diverse backgrounds and current influences it is now time for the world to experience the explosive power that is CODES. This band is...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 189 views / Popular

Hardcore from Johannesburg, South Africa. With very Spinal Tap beginnings. CQR solidified a line up in November 2012. With influences ranging from Cro-Mags to Infest,...

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 185 views / Popular

Crossingpoint was a South African-based Hardcore punk band, formed in 1998. They are widely accepted as being the longest running South African Hardcore group, and...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 309 views / Popular

Hardcore band from Cape Town.

 Hardcore /  Cape Town / 197 views / Popular

Hardcore Punk from Johannesburg, South Africa. For those of you into thrashy hardcore FREExMONEY is a new Joburg based band born from members of Conqueror,...

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 181 views / Popular

Metal/Hardcore band from PE, South Africa.

 Hardcore /  Port Elizabeth / 196 views / Popular

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