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Progressive Metal

Progressive Metal

One Man Progressive Metal band from Cairo, Egypt.

 Progressive Metal /  Egypt / 112 views / Popular

Alinea means 'A new train of thought' or 'To begin anew'. This is exactly what this band from Cape Town South Africa set out to...

 Progressive Metal /  South Africa / 200 views / Popular

Progressive Rock/Metal from Cape Town. Arrow Catcher is a modern piano driven project by composer Neil van Zyl.

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 57 views / Popular

Bent2Break is Vincent Grobler. I live in Pretoria, South Africa and love making my own style of music. I write, record and produce all my...

 Progressive Metal /  Pretoria / 77 views / Popular

Instrumental Progressive Metal from Madagascar.

 Progressive Metal /  Madagascar / 63 views / Popular

Hi, I'm a shred guitarist from Malawi (Africa) and I happen to be the only one of my kind in my country where rock and...

 Progressive Metal /  Malawi / 62 views / Popular

Progressive Rock/Metal from Johannesburg.

 Progressive Metal /  Johannesburg / 71 views / Popular

Entheogen is a Math/Djent Metal band from Bloemfontein.

 Progressive Metal /  Bloemfontein / 57 views / Popular

Heavy/Progressive Metal from Mauritius.

 Progressive Metal /  Mauritius / 63 views / Popular

Fuera was a South African based progressive death metal band. "We believe in creating beautiful and dark music that is heavy, contrasted and dynamic". The...

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 79 views / Popular

HOKUM (previously known as Marlowe) is a three-piece progressive rock/metal band, hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. As Marlowe, they played all the major festivals in...

 Progressive Metal /  Johannesburg / 72 views / Popular

One piece band looking for other pieces. Groovy death with some proggy bits.

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 79 views / Popular

Kris Xenopoulos is a South African guitarist who's best known from bands: Vulvodynia, Technopath and XavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeieppohfffX.

 Progressive Metal /  Durban / 66 views / Popular

Online deathcore/progressive metal. CiarĂ¡n Burke | Vocals, Sherlic White | Guitars & Bass, Anrich Engelbrecht | Percussion

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 67 views / Popular

Progressive Death/Symphonic Metal from Cape Town.

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 71 views / Popular

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