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Stoner Metal

Stoner Metal

Acid Magus is an experimental rock outfit from Pretoria, South Africa. Doom, stoner, punk, psych and classic rock themes.

 Stoner Metal /  Pretoria / 432 views / Popular

Melodic, heavy, and eerie. Those are the words used to best describe Johannesburg based psych rock three-piece, Age Of Indica. Pounding drum beats amplified by...

 Stoner Metal /  Johannesburg / 328 views / Popular

Black Math is a three piece band from Durban, South Africa. The band consists of Tyla Burnett - Bass Guitar, Cameron Lofstrand - Guitar/Vocals and...

 Stoner Metal /  Durban / 141 views / Popular

Stoner Rock/Desert Rock/Grunge/Stoner Metal. Somewhere between the highway & the railroads of the Moot (Pretoria, South Africa), smothered by its suburban industrial coma, comes a...

 Stoner Metal /  Pretoria / 191 views / Popular

DOWNSTAIRS TO SOMEWHERE is a project that reflects the background of existence, the experimentation of undiscovered sonority, a lightning-fast studio collaboration between Tipo Stereo and...

 Stoner Metal /  Angola / 166 views / Popular

Stoner/Doom Metal from Johannesburg.

 Stoner Metal /  Johannesburg / 137 views / Popular

Kishi is an independent stoner/doom metal band formed in October 2017 in Luanda, Angola.

 Stoner Metal /  Angola / 138 views / Popular

Desert Rock/Stoner Metal from Cape Town. Two years in the making, jamming and writing, and eventually recording and re-recording. A passion project of friends. A...

 Stoner Metal /  Cape Town / 164 views / Popular

MOUSE is a Noisy, Heavy, Experimental, two-piece, Garage, Psych, Fuzz-Rock band from Durban, South Africa. The post grunge psychedelic wave will melt your face as...

 Stoner Metal /  Durban / 121 views / Popular

Doom / Grunge / Punk / Psychedelic / Experimental / Noise - put together to weave a quilt of sound.

 Stoner Metal /  Cape Town / 153 views / Popular

Doom rock and metal from Cape Town. Carla Salingré - Vocals & Bass Julian Emdon - Guitar & Vocals Tom Glenn - Synth & Keys...

 Stoner Metal /  Cape Town / 154 views / Popular

Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, the band Ruff Majik is a violent mixture of heavy, fuzzy and freaky sounds. You'll find yourself listening to garage...

 Stoner Metal /  Pretoria / 134 views / Popular

SpaceWhale is three dudes who spent the Covid lock-down writing music. It evolved from a few scrappy riffs into songs and we realized we had...

 Stoner Metal /  Tunisia / 77 views / Popular

Stoner/Desert/Hard Rock. Born out of brotherly love and a passion for rock n roll, Stoker thundered onto the music scene in 2011 and have saddled...

 Stoner Metal /  Cape Town / 172 views / Popular

Stoner/Noise Rock Band.

 Stoner Metal /  Durban / 125 views / Popular

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