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Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal

Started in June 2010 under the name Bridging Death. Later changed name to Amakartus. We try to keep an early 80 and late 90 sound...

 Thrash Metal /  Mauritius / 82 views / Popular

Progressive Thrash Metal from Antananarivo, Madagascar.

 Thrash Metal /  Madagascar / 68 views / Popular

BLACKBELL is a heavy Metal band formed in Algiers in 2016, by BELAID Zoheir & DJOUADI Wail, Zoheir & Wail were working in original pieces...

 Thrash Metal /  Algeria / 64 views / Popular

Groove/Death/Thrash Metal. BULLETSCRIPT is a Cape Town (South Africa) based metal band that pushes the envelope with an emphasis on solid song writing, and intense...

 Thrash Metal /  Cape Town / 101 views / Popular

Thrash/Groove Metal from Durban

 Thrash Metal /  Durban / 54 views / Popular

Death Pegasus is a four piece thrash metal band from Johannesburg, South-Africa. Members Brian Seston, Berneau van der Merwe and Marcel Marcel, formed Death Pegasus...

 Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 76 views / Popular

Matt Jordaan and Nick Muller came together searching for like minded musicians with one desire - to make Thrash Metal in South Africa. Ash Seetharam...

 Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 63 views / Popular

Dor Fantasma is a Thrash Metal band from Benguela, Angola formed in 2006, rising from the ashes of another band called Slave. Is one of...

 Thrash Metal /  Angola / 70 views / Popular

Crossover/Thrash Metal from Johannesburg.

 Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 81 views / Popular

Empery is a 5 piece band that is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The band formed December 2007/January 2008 by founding members Paul Lopes(Guitar) and...

 Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 71 views / Popular

Excimer Was Formed in Alexandria, Egypt in June, 2013 Established to form the Alexandrian Thrash Metal Scene.Being the First of Its Kind, in Egypt, Throws...

 Thrash Metal /  Egypt / 66 views / Popular

We are a South African thrash/hardcore metal band

 Thrash Metal /  Kwazulu Natal / 72 views / Popular

Thrash Metal from Cape Town.

 Thrash Metal /  Cape Town / 81 views / Popular

Thrash Metal from Algiers, Algeria. Born from the ashes of a previous project called Curse of Pharaoh, active from 2006 to 2008.

 Thrash Metal /  Algeria / 62 views / Popular

Anger, violence, hatred. Thrash metal from Cape Town, South Africa.

 Thrash Metal /  Cape Town / 68 views / Popular

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