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Cape Town

Cape Town

A Walk With the Wicked is a death metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Started in late 2007, and bursting on to the scene...

 Death Metal /  Cape Town / 189 views / Popular

Metal band ascending from the murky depths, slowly building like a volcano waiting to erupt.

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 168 views / Popular

Against Eternity was founded in mid/late 2011 by guitarist/songwriter Tyrone Huskisson (Hargraven/Ex Norse-Code) as a side project with no specific musical goals, except to write...

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 117 views / Popular

Armed with brutal riffs, sultry melodies and balls the size of coconuts, All Guns Full Ammo are here to explode your ear holes and steal...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 141 views / Popular

Groove/Nu-Metal/Grunge. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Arc Reactor fuse together new and old school metal sounds, songs range from heavy and fast paced ('Change'...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 77 views / Popular

Progressive Rock/Metal from Cape Town. Arrow Catcher is a modern piano driven project by composer Neil van Zyl.

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 57 views / Popular

Metalcore band from Cape Town, South Africa. Bands that inspire us: Architects: While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Parkway Drive, Chelsea Grin and Wage War.

 Metalcore /  Cape Town / 54 views / Popular

Formed in 2013 Atlantic South are a Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in 2013 with a vision in mind to not be...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 53 views / Popular

Post-Rock/Metal. I'm Jean-Louis Leysens; South African musician writing, recording and mastering my own tracks from home in and around CT.

 Post-Metal /  Cape Town / 60 views / Popular

Grinding, industrial guitars meld with catchy synth hooks, heavy, pounding beats and aggressive vocals to create a sound that is as caustic as it is...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 70 views / Popular

Death Metal from Cape Town Oliver "Ratchet" Reisner - Bass, See also: ex-Bulletscript Marius "Transmission" Theron - Drums, See also: Ing, Woltemade Petri "Clutch Cable"...

 Death Metal /  Cape Town / 77 views / Popular

Raw Experimental band from Cape Town, South Africa

 Grindcore /  Cape Town / 61 views / Popular

Instrumental Desert/Stoner/Sludge Metal. Battle City is a two piece instrumental rock band founded on the principles of video games and metal. The band started as...

 Sludge Metal /  Cape Town / 94 views / Popular

Afrikaans Melodic Death Metal band from Cape Town

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 75 views / Popular

Behest is a 4 piece blackened hardcore/grindcore band formed in late 2016, from Cape Town, South Africa. Drawing from a range of heavy music influences...

 Hardcore /  Cape Town / 74 views / Popular

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