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Death Metal/Grindcore from Durban.

 Death Metal /  Durban / 117 views / Popular

Hailing from the bowels of Durban, South Africa. Two Metalheads were sent through time and space to create Brutal Death Metal music about Aliens wiping...

 Brutal Death Metal /  Durban / 193 views / Popular

Aois innealan (Age of machinery) was formed in 2020 as a one man industrial metal project, after dwelling in the black metal underground scene and...

 Industrial Metal /  Durban / 93 views / Popular

Melodic Black Metal band from Durban, South Africa.

 Black Metal /  Durban / 77 views / Popular

If it's heavy and sounds good to our ears, we like it and we write it. No need for categorisation here. We're not particularly loyal...

 Deathcore /  Durban / 74 views / Popular

Metalcore/Deathcore from Durban,

 Deathcore /  Durban / 71 views / Popular

Black Math is a three piece band from Durban, South Africa. The band consists of Tyla Burnett - Bass Guitar, Cameron Lofstrand - Guitar/Vocals and...

 Stoner Metal /  Durban / 64 views / Popular

Burmack is a brutal death metal band formed by brothers Grant and Hilton Lazenby in 2014.

 Brutal Death Metal /  Durban / 86 views / Popular

Thrash/Groove Metal from Durban

 Thrash Metal /  Durban / 54 views / Popular

Groove/Death/Thrash metal from Durban.

 Death/Groove Metal /  Durban / 56 views / Popular

City of Gates were a Durban based hardcore band, who formed in February 2008 and enjoyed a very short, yet fun spell in the hey-day...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 117 views / Popular

With their diverse backgrounds and current influences it is now time for the world to experience the explosive power that is CODES. This band is...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 69 views / Popular

Death/Thrash/Groove metal from Durban.

 Death/Thrash Metal /  Durban / 69 views / Popular

Crossingpoint was a South African-based Hardcore punk band, formed in 1998. They are widely accepted as being the longest running South African Hardcore group, and...

 Hardcore /  Durban / 139 views / Popular

Stoner/Doom from Durban Members: Duncan Park (Listeriosis, Return to Worm Mountain)

 Doom Metal /  Durban / 71 views / Popular

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