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8 Eyes in A Box is a metal band formed by Mazen Waleed and Ismail Morsy. 8 Eyes aims to come up with different sounds...

 Heavy Metal /  Egypt / 296 views / Popular

One Man Progressive Metal band from Cairo, Egypt.

 Progressive Metal /  Egypt / 270 views / Popular

H.P. Lovecraft inspired Melodic Death Metal from Cairo, Egypt

 Melodic Death Metal /  Egypt / 239 views / Popular

Raw Black Metal from Egypt/Germany.

 Black Metal /  Egypt / 54 views / Popular

Astra Abyssosque is an eclectic Cairo-based metal music trio consisting of guitarist Ziad Mohsen, drummer Mohamed Elhusseiny, and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Muhammad Al-Wasat

 Progressive Metal /  Egypt / 86 views / Popular

Black/Death Metal band from Alexandria, Egypt. Formed in 2014

 Black/Death Metal /  Egypt / 87 views / Popular

Death/Thrash metal from Egypt.

 Death/Thrash Metal /  Egypt / 206 views / Popular

Catharsis is a Death-Doom metal band from Cairo Egypt, founded by Ahmed Sokkar (Vocals) and was later joined by Ismail Morsy (Guitarist), Youssef Fahmy (Bassist),...

 Death/Doom Metal /  Egypt / 164 views / Popular

Blackened Death Metal from Cairo, Egypt (formed in 1998). Signed with Listenable Records. Booking/Band Contact: Press Contact:

 Black/Death Metal /  Egypt / 200 views / Popular

Dark Philosophy is a raw black metal band from Egypt.

 Black Metal /  Egypt / 177 views / Popular

From years of reading and knowing demonology and Arabian witchcraft, Dashiem started the path in 2019 transforming that knowledge into a macabre ritual tones, perfectly...

 Black Metal /  Egypt / 72 views / Popular

Datum X is a music project that is not identified by a genre except that's metal and heavy, each album is a different mood and...

 Symphonic Metal /  Egypt / 191 views / Popular

ENRAGED is a heavy metal band from Cairo, Egypt. Formed in 2005, the band has become one of the most stubborn and persistent acts in...

 Heavy Metal /  Egypt / 78 views / Popular

Erasing Mankind is a 4 pieces Egyptian Metal band from Cairo, formed in 2019. The band consists, of vocalist Sayed Ragai, guitarists Bahaa El-Dahaby, drummer...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Egypt / 217 views / Popular

Ethereal Credence is beyond duality, we embrace both darkness and light as the source of everything.

 Black Metal /  Egypt / 182 views / Popular

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