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ABSENCE OF LIGHT is an Extreme Metal Act from Kenya, Consisting of a trio with Indian Ancestry, Playing a mix of Death/Black Metal.

 Black/Death Metal /  Kenya / 110 views / Popular

Chovu is a band exploring African Mythology through the medium of Heavy Metal.

 Black Metal /  Kenya / 98 views / Popular

Class Suicide was a band that brought the heavy metal and punk rock sounds of Nairobi together for 2 brief chaotic years. A politically driven...

 Hardcore /  Kenya / 52 views / Popular

Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu emerge from Nairobi's flourishing underground metal scene as former members of the bands Lust of a...

 Grindcore /  Kenya / 90 views / Popular

Nature-inspired solo epic rock/metal project from Kenya.

 Atmospheric Black /  Kenya / 79 views / Popular

We are a 4 piece death metal band from Nairobi,Kenya.

 Death Metal /  Kenya / 62 views / Popular

Deathcore/Metalcore from Nairobi Kenya.

 Deathcore /  Kenya / 61 views / Popular

Formed by friends who met in University and had a passion for heavy music, Last Year’s Tragedy is a band that has been in the...

 Metalcore /  Kenya / 59 views / Popular

A new force with both mixes of good and evil, embracing the heaviest music from the regions beyond the light and the darkness. There is...

 Deathcore /  Kenya / 60 views / Popular

Metalcore from Nairobi, Kenya.

 Metalcore /  Kenya / 82 views / Popular

Navarone is a rock band formed in Nairobi, Kenya. Navarone was one of the seminal bands active in the kenya-punk scene in the mid to...

 Hard rock /  Kenya / 45 views / Popular

Kenyan Atmospheric Black Metal/Epic Music. Nature, and real life experiences blended in with fantastical themes.

 Atmospheric Black /  Kenya / 76 views / Popular

Punk/Hardcore/Metal from Nairobi, Kenya.

 Hardcore /  Kenya / 60 views / Popular

3 piece Rock/Metal band from the hills of Nairobi. Est. 2017.

 Heavy Metal /  Kenya / 61 views / Popular

Coming from a long tradition of heavy metal bands like Last Year's Tragedy, Mortal Soul, Void of Belonging, "Seeds" emerged with an uncanny translation of...

 Death/Doom Metal /  Kenya / 75 views / Popular