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Behind The Mask is a Hardcore/Metalcore band from Toamasina, Madagascar.

 Metalcore /  Madagascar / 65 views / Popular

Instrumental Progressive Metal from Madagascar.

 Progressive Metal /  Madagascar / 66 views / Popular

Progressive Thrash Metal from Antananarivo, Madagascar.

 Thrash Metal /  Madagascar / 68 views / Popular

Dark'inside are an Atmospheric Melodic Death Metal band from Madagascar, they released their first album "My Dark Secrets” on 20th March 2014.

 Melodic Death Metal /  Madagascar / 75 views / Popular

Blackened Death Metal from Antananarivo, Madagascar.

 Black/Death Metal /  Madagascar / 75 views / Popular

JOnjOrOmbOnA is a band who try to make Malagasy metal music .

 Folk Metal /  Madagascar / 56 views / Popular

The Fusion of Metal and the tradionnal malagasy rythm. LohArano has been gaining experience, drinking from all the currents they cross to trace their path,...

 Heavy Metal /  Madagascar / 71 views / Popular

Nisea is a Malagasy Symphonic Metal band from Antananarivo formed in 2010.

 Symphonic Metal /  Madagascar / 79 views / Popular