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Black Metal from Sousse, Tunisia.

 Black Metal /  Tunisia / 90 views / Popular

BARZAKH was born on February 7th, 2006. The beginning of a long journey. Since then, western notes carved on oriental rhythms, distorted sounds purified by...

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 33 views / Popular

Brood Of Hatred is a Tunisian one-man concept, Death Metal Act founded in 2010 by Muhammed Mêlki. With no specific genre boundaries or philosophies but...

 Death Metal /  Tunisia / 70 views / Popular

Experimental Extreme music One-man Band from Bizerte, Tunisia.

 Black Metal /  Tunisia / 85 views / Popular

Cartagena‚Äč is a symphonic metal band formed in 2009, the band bring us back to the glorious ancient times of Carthage through the quests of...

 Symphonic Metal /  Tunisia / 63 views / Popular

Oriental Metal/Rock from Tunisia.

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 76 views / Popular

Black Metal from Tunisian producer/instrumentalist Heny Maatar, more known for his work as Fusam ( and for Death Metal act Testosteruins (

 Black Metal /  Tunisia / 77 views / Popular

MYRATH (meaning "Legacy") is a Metal band from Tunisia, a small country well known for its resort areas on the Mediterranean coast but certainly not...

 Progressive Metal /  Tunisia / 60 views / Popular

Nawather is a Tunisian Oriental Metal band founded in 2013. They provide us a special kind of music. Apart from their influence by many well-known...

 Folk Metal /  Tunisia / 83 views / Popular

Funeral doom death metal act defined as post-apocalyptic, Started as a one-man project by Fedor Kovalevsky. The music and overall atmosphere are derived from the...

 Doom Metal /  Tunisia / 128 views / Popular

One Man Cybergrind/Deathcore/Slam Metal band from Tunisia.

 Grindcore /  Tunisia / 63 views / Popular

Death Metal from Tunisia.

 Death Metal /  Tunisia / 78 views / Popular

SpaceWhale is three dudes who spent the Covid lock-down writing music. It evolved from a few scrappy riffs into songs and we realized we had...

 Stoner Metal /  Tunisia / 4 views

The Sound Of Seraphim is a Post Black Metal Project from TUNISIA founded in 2013.

 Black Metal /  Tunisia / 81 views / Popular

Progressive blackened death metal act defined as a dissonant and oppressing music, merging the philosophy of the shadow with Slavic folklore. Started as a one-man...

 Black/Death Metal /  Tunisia / 90 views / Popular

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