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Avant-garde Black Metal from Bloemfontein.

 Black Metal /  Bloemfontein / 4 views



Black/Thrash/Punk from Pretoria.

 Black/Thrash Metal /  Pretoria / 10 views

Raw Black Metal from Cape Town.

 Black Metal /  Cape Town / 2 views


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VleesAnker gives impetus to an unraveling and eventual transcendence of the lower self. Black Metal to stoke the blast furnace of the soul.

 Black Metal /  Cape Town / 9 views

Death/Thrash/Doom Metal. Arising from South Africa in 1986 during the dark Apartheid days as a Punk/Hardcore riot act, V.O.D evolved into the country's most respected...

 Death/Thrash Metal /  Cape Town / 4 views

Black Metal from South Africa.

 Black Metal /  South Africa / 1 views

Technical Brutal Death Metal from Durban. Members: Kris Xenopoulos. Duncan Bentley.

 Brutal Death Metal /  Durban / 2 views

Hailing from Pretoria, South Africa, Vortex is a six-piece rocking machine. Drawing inspiration from the ancient realms of folklore and fantasy tales, Vortex has forged...

 Gothic Metal /  Pretoria / 4 views

Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore. Started by Duncan Bentley and Luke Haarhoff in the beginning of 2014. Their early recordings were produced by Byron Dunwoody who later...

 Brutal Death Metal /  Durban / 2 views


The two splits were released under the original moniker " V ". They then split up and later reunited as " vVv ". The band...

 Death/Groove Metal /  Durban / 3 views

While the roots of the band lie deep in 80's thrash metal, Wargrave draws inspiration from an extremely diverse spectrum, infusing the classic archetypal sound...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 4 views



Black/Thrash Metal from Alberton, Gauteng. Members: Brandon Pratt - Bass, Vocals (backing) Sven Madlener - Drums (ex-Diabolus Incarnate) George Ioannou - Guitars Dieter Engel -...

 Black/Thrash Metal /  Johannesburg / 6 views

Werner Gratz

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Instrumental Melodic Death Metal from South Africa.

 Melodic Death Metal /  South Africa / 10 views

Whoreborn is a 7-piece Symphonic Deathcore band hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa featuring Estian Smith and Dane Herbst on vocals, Mark Marryatt, Waldo Oostuihzen and...

 Deathcore /  Johannesburg / 3 views



Four friends from the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa making music together.

 Atmospheric Black /  Cape Town / 6 views

Witch King Heretic

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Black Metal from Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

 Black Metal /  Cape Town / 6 views

Three-piece atmospheric post-metal / post-hardcore band from Cape Town, South Africa.

 Post-Metal /  Cape Town / 2 views

Cape Town based Melodic Death Metal band exploring the myth and lore of South Africa's dark and mystic past.

 Death Metal /  Cape Town / 4 views

Black Metal band from Cape Town

 Black Metal /  Cape Town / 4 views



Black Metal from Cape Town.

 Black Metal /  Cape Town / 5 views

Write Off

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Punk / Hardcore meets power violence, then hooks up with metal, then made love to glam rock and had a baby.

 Hardcore /  Durban / 7 views

As it clearly states in our logo we are 'Acidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated By Mass Amounts Of Filthy Fecal Fisting And Sadistic Septic Syphilic...

 Brutal Death Metal /  Durban / 3 views

Mathcore/Metallic Hardcore band from Somerset West, Western Cape

 Hardcore /  Somerset West / 9 views

Deathcore metal band from Durban, South Africa.

 Deathcore /  Durban / 6 views

Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend is a high energy modern metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. If you're born to be hanged,...

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 3 views

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