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Anubis is a Rock/Metal band from Johannesburg South Africa. Started of in 2004 with founder and bassist Leon Kruger who was then joined by Drummer...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 8 views

Arc Reactor


Groove/Nu-Metal/Grunge. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Arc Reactor fuse together new and old school metal sounds, songs range from heavy and fast paced ('Change'...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 7 views

Uncompromising and controversial Technical Death Metal from South Africa.

 Death Metal /  Pretoria / 17 views



Black Metal from South Africa, changed name to Lifeless Sorrow.

 Black Metal /  South Africa / 9 views

Progressive Rock/Metal from Cape Town. Arrow Catcher is a modern piano driven project by composer Neil van Zyl.

 Progressive Metal /  Cape Town / 3 views


We are a progressive thrash/death metal band from Randburg, South Africa. Arx was formed in 2011 from the ashes of our previous bands and projects.

 Death/Thrash Metal /  Gauteng / 4 views

Metalcore band from Cape Town, South Africa. Bands that inspire us: Architects: While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Parkway Drive, Chelsea Grin and Wage War.

 Metalcore /  Cape Town / 3 views

Experimental Metal from Johannesburg. The goal with Asonicism is to produce music under simulated deafness conditions - all music is written in MIDI using Guitar...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 2 views

Formed in 2013 Atlantic South are a Metal band from Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in 2013 with a vision in mind to not be...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 2 views

Gothic/Speed/Melodic Death Metal from Johannesburg

 Melodic Death Metal /  Gauteng / 3 views

Modern Melodic Metal/Rock from Bethlehem, Free State. Instrumental music with melodies, and sometimes something heavy!

 Heavy Melodic Metal /  South Africa / 2 views



Grinding, industrial guitars meld with catchy synth hooks, heavy, pounding beats and aggressive vocals to create a sound that is as caustic as it is...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 5 views

Melodic Black Metal band from Durban, South Africa.

 Black Metal /  Durban / 5 views



Death Metal from Cape Town Oliver "Ratchet" Reisner - Bass, See also: ex-Bulletscript Marius "Transmission" Theron - Drums, See also: Ing, Woltemade Petri "Clutch Cable"...

 Death Metal /  Cape Town / 6 views



Melodic Folk Metal from Pretoria BALYIOS ARE: Werner Boshoff - Keyboards, Clean Vocals Ruan Malan - Guitars, Harsh Vocals Frederik Nagel - Drums Arno Smit...

 Death Metal /  Pretoria / 8 views



Raw Experimental band from Cape Town, South Africa

 Grindcore /  Cape Town / 5 views

Battle CIty


Instrumental Desert/Stoner/Sludge Metal. Battle City is a two piece instrumental rock band founded on the principles of video games and metal. The band started as...

 Sludge Metal /  Cape Town / 10 views

Be Not Betrayed is one of the few African extreme metal bands directly affiliated with the Triune God and Christianity.

 Black Metal /  Johannesburg / 3 views

Become The Watcher


If it's heavy and sounds good to our ears, we like it and we write it. No need for categorisation here. We're not particularly loyal...

 Deathcore /  Durban / 5 views



Afrikaans Melodic Death Metal band from Cape Town

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 7 views



Behest is a 4 piece hardcore/grindcore band formed in late 2016, from Cape Town, South Africa. Drawing from a range of heavy music influences such...

 Heavy Metal /  Cape Town / 6 views

A 5-piece Melodic Death Metal band, founded in 2013 in the sleepy surfer town of Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, by a group of eclectic misfits...

 Melodic Death Metal /  South Africa / 4 views



Black metal band from Johannesburg/Bloemfontein ,South Africa. In the month of July 2008 two hateful cretins decided to collaborate their ideas and spew out some...

 Black Metal /  Bloemfontein / 5 views

Metalcore/Melodic Metal from Cape Town.

 Metalcore /  Cape Town / 3 views

Beyond The Pale


Metalcore/Deathcore from Durban,

 Deathcore /  Durban / 5 views

Brutal Death Metal from Pretoria. Considered to be one of the heaviest bands currently in South Africa, Bile of Man gained a lot of respect...

 Brutal Death Metal /  Pretoria / 4 views

Black Metal from Johannesburg.

 Black Metal /  Johannesburg / 3 views

Black Light Council is a South African Black Metal Band. Maintaining an almost non-existent online presence since forming in 2001 but the time has come...

 Black Metal /  South Africa / 2 views

The Industrial Horror Metal band from South-Africa. Black Light Counsel. Featuring Artist's local and International. Main Composer - Urban Swart. Permanent Contributing Artists - Dr....

 Heavy Metal /  South Africa / 3 views

Doom/Gothic Metal Side Project of Greg McEwan-Marriott, guitarist and founder of South African Metal Band Voice of Destruction (V.O.D.)

 Doom Metal /  Cape Town / 4 views

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