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40 Day Journey


Melodic Hardcore band from Johannesburg.

 Hardcore /  Johannesburg / 9 views

A Fate Like Yours


Metalcore/Thrash Metal from Gauteng.

 Metalcore /  Gauteng / 8 views

A Nameless Dread


Four piece extreme metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa. Influences range from cosmic horror to gore.

 Death Metal /  Johannesburg / 9 views

Brutal/Technical Death Metal from Pretoria.

 Brutal Death Metal /  Pretoria / 3 views

ABSENCE OF LIGHT is an Extreme Metal Act from Kenya, Consisting of a trio with Indian Ancestry, Playing a mix of Death/Black Metal.

 Black/Death Metal /  Kenya / 2 views

Afflicted Truth


Death Metal/Grindcore from Durban.

 Death Metal /  Durban / 6 views

Doom/Folk Metal. AFRICAN DOOMHAMMER is a metal band from Africa. Melding the musicians' own heritage and roots in local music with heavy metal, the band...

 Doom Metal /  Namibia / 2 views

Against Eternity


Against Eternity was founded in mid/late 2011 by guitarist/songwriter Tyrone Huskisson (Hargraven/Ex Norse-Code) as a side project with no specific musical goals, except to write...

 Melodic Death Metal /  Cape Town / 6 views

Age of Indica


Melodic, heavy, and eerie. Those are the words used to best describe Johannesburg based psych rock three-piece, Age Of Indica. Pounding drum beats amplified by...

 Stoner Metal /  Johannesburg / 10 views

Aiming At Shadows


Alternative Metal. A band dedicated to simple, heavy music. No hang ups, no bullshit ego's! We just looking to have a good time playing music...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 7 views



Post-Rock/Metal/Psych/Folk. Albinobeach is a three-piece instrumental band based in Johannesurg, South Africa.

 Post-Metal /  Johannesburg / 8 views

Post-Hardcore/Metalcore from Bloemfontein. In February of 2006, All Will Fall was forged from the remnants of several local Bloemfontein bands. The band quickly became known...

 Metalcore /  Bloemfontein / 4 views

We are Among The First, check out our tracks “Karma’s at it again” and "Downright Under".

 Metalcore /  Pretoria / 4 views



Gothic Rock/Metal. ANKST is a Gothic Rock band which originated in South Africa and has since moved to New Zealand. The ANKST sound blends Goth,...

 Gothic Metal /  South Africa / 9 views



Anubis is a Rock/Metal band from Johannesburg South Africa. Started of in 2004 with founder and bassist Leon Kruger who was then joined by Drummer...

 Heavy Metal /  Johannesburg / 8 views

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